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Keeping Paradise Secret ?

Keeping Paradise a Secret?For several years now, an often heard advertising slogan in real estate is “the best kept secret” as if quality and uniqueness somehow need to be a secret. I don’t quite get it. Even “tongue in cheek”, keeping a secret to promote something doesn’t work. Nor does calling someplace Paradise. Paradise is the result of hard work and consideration these days.

“They call it paradise
I don’t know why
You call someplace paradise,
kiss it goodbye”

The idea behind these lyrics were that once you call a place paradise, in no time will it be overrun by the masses, who will abuse and destroy everything that once made it a Paradise. Let’s establish realities here: Keeping Oyster Bay Harbour a secret is plain counterproductive for what it can be for the right group of people. When you drive through the neighborhoods you sense the balance of a community of people that look for certain qualities in life, never mind age, creed, status or profession. There are young families starting their way into life with a tricycle on the lawn and happy sounds from a swimming pool behind the house. There are front porch swings and rocking chairs that underline plantation living and afternoon tea; there is a Corvette pet project hidden behind a half opened garage door; there are golf carts lined up in the driveway for a quick refresh from whatever people were doing or were going to.

Residents here came to appreciate the chance to explore the stretches of North Florida nature and Waterfront Community living in a mixed residential setting that offers single family privacy and townhome and villa luxuries. Where Barnwell Road turns private and the 900 acre peninsula runs out of land, residential luxury is carefully dropped into the layout of what once was a majestic southern plantation.

No we don’t have a golf course, but there a more than half a dozen of those within a ten minute drive for you to choose from. Tennis courts…sure, we have a couple of those nicely placed in the shades of 100 year old Live Oaks. Swimming pools too. But none of those sketch the real Oyster Bay Harbour and Yacht Club. Our deepwater state of the art marina contributes to living on the widespread waters of our barrier island in the visible distance. Even the Atlantic Ocean is less than an hour of leisurely cruising away. Our bird sanctuaries, the fascinating marshes, the fresh air, the history….it’s all there for those who like that lifestyle. No sense selling you the idea of a SouthBeach Miami style community, when we are the exact opposite.

And more and more people are discovering the peninsula. Oyster Bay Harbour is no longer a secret, it’s a choice. Better yet, it’s a lifestyle option that if it fits your taste and quality becomes a lifetime subscription.

The Eagles were known and admired for their perfection and detail as well as their penmanship of powerful lyrics. The same class of craftmanship you will find in Oyster Bay Harbour in Fernandina Beach.


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  • Joachim Stiller says:

    Love the connection to the Eagles and the Last Resort. I have been to Oyster Bay on several occasions and love the layout and how nature has been spared. Nice job.

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