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Indie Movie selects Oyster Bay location

Oyster Bay Yachtclub Restaurant readied for movie scenesWhen male supporting actor Christopher Cousins first set foot on Oyster Bay Harbour for the filming of his parts in the Indie Movie “The Diary of Preston Plummer”, he remarked that the movie script description and the actual location where almost identical.

Director/writer Sean Ackerman and his California based production team from Wonder Entertainment, had been afficionados of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach since the mid 1990s, but were unfamiliar at first with the Southern Plantation style residential waterfront development of Oyster Bay Harbour and Yachtclub. That changed quickly after Ackerman and producer Jane Kelly Kosek laid eyes on Oyster Bay and realized that it was almost picture perfect for all intents and purposes.

The Yachtclub became the Oyster Bay Inn and Yachtclub and with a couple of innovative camera angles and some temporary signage, the movie set was readied for the talents of actors Trevor Morgan in the lead, his love interest Rumer Willis, oldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and fabulous support cast of Robert Loggia, Erin Dilly and Christopher Cousins.

Writer/Director Sean Ackerman fell in love with Amelia Island after spending a summer vacation “on the McCarthy’s couch” in 1997, when he was a film student at NYU, and as so often in the life of creativity, ‘reality fills fantasy’ when a story becomes a script or novel turned into a motion picture. He wrote the action drama into a coming of age story with a lot of use of the available elements of water and nature.

The movie “buzz” went around the island in July and August attracting almost 500 extras for a screening on July 25th, many of whom showed up on an early Friday morning at the Yachtclub to become restaurant guests in several crucial scenes. Following videos and interviews were first aired and written on local Information website SearchAmelia.com with several links.

The Casting Call

Remaking Oyster Bay into a Movie Set

Preston Plummer Movie in Post Production

nterview with Writer/Director Sean Ackerman

Developer Marc Footlik interviews Producer Jane Kelly Kosek


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