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Ian Murray – Author of Black Orchid Series

Ian Murray, author, friend and member of the Oyster Bay Yachtclub invites all yachtclub members and Oyster Bay & Lanceford Creek residents and interested parties (EABC members and more) to join in the celebration of the release of his second novel, The Final Doctrine on Thursday, April 19 at 6pm at the Clubhouse.

There will be complimentary house wine, draft beer and light hors d’ oeuvres will be provided.

Ian, who has a cold war history in black ops, started his writing career just a couple of years ago when he published “the Legends of the Black Orchid” to great acclaim.

His second novel ‘The Final Doctrine” is set in the nineteen sixties but has many contemporary leads towards unveiling the ascendance of islamic terrorism while reveiling secret historic pacts. Murray creates riveting tales of deception and intrigue, combining multi-level storylines with actual people and world events.

In “The Final Doctrine” the reader follows special ops Commander Trent McStuart as he journeys from Southeast Asia to London, carrying a secret microfilm that holds the key to radical Islam’s hundred year plan of world dominance. Set in the mid-1960’s, the story uncovers the origin of a sinister plot to take over western civilization.

When British and American governments discover the shocking reality of the doctrine, they turn to the Black Orchid for assistance. In turn, The Black Orchid recruits key members of the CIA, MI6, NSA and British military intelligence, forming a specialized unit to combat the radical movement. As the new team comes together, their first priority becomes clear: Stop one of radical Islam’s most potent sources of funding; the opium fields of Afghanistan.

It’s an honor for the Oyster Bay Yacht Club to host this celebratory event.

Watch the video trailer of the novel produced by Amelia Island’s Stan Cottle.


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