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Barb Gustafson reports on 2011 Oyster Roast

Oyster Roast 2011 at Oyster Bay Harbour, Amelia Island FloridaJanuary 29, 2011 – Oyster Roast – Oyster Bay Yacht Club
It was a heady, teasing, spring day at the OBYC oyster roast, with Mother Nature coming through in spades!    Club members were seriously longing to enjoy some warm weather here at the club.

On this particular January day, the sun was overwhelmingly bright, the air was full of wonderful spring like warmth, and surrounding grasses were showing faint coloration changes, from winters’ browns to hints of springs’ young green colors.

Throughout the designated hours and to accommodate the event activities, participants arrived by various modes of transportation.  Some arrived by automobile, enjoying a drive through the lanes draped with Spanish moss and speckled with ponds housing wintering birds;  some  trickled in off the docks from their boats, having earlier in the day enjoyed some quiet time, or a boat ride, fished in the creek or river, or learned the sandbars and peculiarities of the area.  And yes some participants arrived by golf cart, using the smaller parking spaces, while allowing the golf cart assisted wait staff to zip back and forth between the club house and the roast site.

The staff did a terrific job replenishing great food, beverages and supplies and families ranging in ages from younger to older came to enjoy the event.  Many reveled in the surge of sunshine, wondered if they were wearing too many layers.  The young were eager to engage their scooters or enjoy running around.  An adult or two were overheard saying they needed to think about sunscreen or a day at the tanning booth to shake off the “white” look of winter.
It sounded like winter was finally coming to an end, yet as the sun dropped in the late January afternoon, goose bumps started to surface, participants reached for sweaters, while all knowing it was just a short time before fun at the yacht club was going to be  full steam  ahead for the spring season.

by Barb Gustafson


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  • Susan Powers says:

    Fabulous description of the event! I not only wish I was there, I felt like I was right in the center of all the activities! Hopefully next year!

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