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A Tree at Oyster Bay Cost $10,000

Oysterbay Harbour TreesOyster Bay Harbour is a 900 acre former Southern Plantation on the Amelia River. Entering the community you immediately know you are a universe away from anything that looks like wide open flat Florida filled up with high rises and artificial waterfront condos. Oyster Bay Harbour is southern living. Tranquil luxury with open options. A short trip across the bridge or the river to Amelia Island will  bring you all the tourism change of pace you will want; history exposes itself beyond the written records in Fernandina Beach, the Oyster Bay Yacht Club and its member facilities are pure classic, for you to enjoy when you want.

It may be wrong to use the word discrimination in the context of Oyster Bay Harbour, but the harmony of the park-like residences with the waterfront amenities is discriminatory breath taking. It displays an inevitable truth  that preservation of  many century old trees has allowed for an immediate mix of today’s conveniences with plantation living qualities.

Developer Marc Footlik may occasionally cringe over the expense of all his preservation efforts, a bitter sweet entry on any developer’s balance sheet, however the end result is magnificence from the moment you walk in.

Buying a piece of Oyster Bay Harbour is buying the plantation lifestyle with all of today’s conveniences and in my opinion that means “Life uninterrupted”. You don’t have to put your life on hold to wait for nature to recuperate and rebuild your dream.

You come, you buy, you build and move in…? Some people like to contribute a lot of time and money to creating a plantation atmosphere to their lifestyle. I don’t. I don’t like to wait for a new set of trees to grow big enough to provide shade and heat protection to my home and lifestyle. I don’t like to see my neighbours three doors down washing their vehicles in the driveway and I don’t like wooden fences to guard my privacy if I can have nature provide hedges and bushes.

I like the fact that in Oyster Bay Harbour nature is spared or better yet, is integrated into the siteplan  to create an authentic backdrop to life and living.


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