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A Fifty Pound Big Red Caught right off the Dock

50 Lbs and 42 inches off the marina dock in Oyster Bay Yacht ClubWow! What an incredible night of fishing at Oyster Bay Yacht Club. This may sound like a “fish story” but it’s true with proof attached. After three night of stalking and two times losing him, my husband Craig and my son caught a 50lb 42” Big Red right here from the marina docks at the Oyster Bay Yacht Club around 8 pm on July 8, 2010.

It was high tide and a beautiful evening just before sunset when using using live bait, my husband hooked what he is fondly referring to as “Big Red”. After hooking the “beast”, he then handed my son the rod and the fight ensued. It took a good ten to fifteen minute fight when he was pulled within our reach. After we brought him up, we took a few pictures, for bragging rights of course, and sent him back into the brackish waters where he belongs.

Thank you “Big Red” for an amazing fish tale!

Now of course every fisherman (and woman) out there would like to know the exact circumstances of the catch, such as the lure, the live bait, the hook, the rod and which dock, but my husband is quite secretive about these things. So if you can’t live without knowing, I suggest you catch up with him one day at the Oyster Bay Yachtclub, buy him a drink and try to get it out of him. I warn you, it may take some effort though. LOL

Tawni Fitzpatrick


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